Eat, Drink, and Be Married

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This is a blog about the real finer things in life: eating, drinking, and love. It’s about seeking out and celebrating these simple pleasures every day. This is a blog about engagement and marriage and what comes along with those experiences — the fun stuff and the not-so-fun stuff.

Melia and Darren will be your hosts. We met briefly in the spring of 2005 through Gillian, who happens to be Melia’s sister and Darren’s friend from college. It wasn’t until February of 2008 that we really hit it off, while enjoying a dignified cultural event in New Orleans:

Though Darren was a Mississippi boy and Melia was a California girl, we simply couldn’t stay away from each other. The cost of our monthly cross-country trips may just have saved Southwest Airlines from bankruptcy. In order to save our own bank accounts and sanity, we decided that Melia¬†would move from the San Francisco Bay Area to Jackson, Mississippi (where there are more insects but fewer neuroses). We got engaged on our second anniversary, February 3, 2010, and got married on February 26, 2011. These two anniversaries + Valentine’s Day = a lot of celebrating during the month of February.

Darren designs things. Melia writes about them. Our favorite pastimes are savoring pure food, watching good quality TV, and making each other laugh. We decided to start a small agency, Creative Distillery, so we could get paid to do fun projects like this:

Melia and Darren believe that marriage is less an event than a lifelong journey, and we’ll let you in on any pro tips we learn along the way.

Pro Tip #1: The key to happiness is a tiny dog named Mr. Prancywaggles*, either imaginary or real. Must wear fun outfit.

*Note: Not actually our dog. Yet.